Framing quiz for download

Resources for inclusive climate communication and promising climate nudging / Tim Isaksson

Framing quiz for download: Which works best?

How different aspects of climate disruption are framed matters greatly – not because there are words or arguments that magically make you a winner in the noisy public debate (and that it is enough to use this as cosmeticts on otherwise identical arguments), but because some ways of starting a conversation or telling a story have a larger chance than others of making the discussion meaningful and sustained. This quiz in the form of a slideshow contains examples of language used in studies on framing effects in climate communication. Please download it and use however you wish. There is also a version in Swedish.

Note that the research quoted in the quiz was performed in labs or through surveys; reality is seldom that simple. The quiz should mainly be understood as showcasing that framing matters and as a source of inspiration for new types of debates and narratives.


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