Update August 2023

Update August 2023

Due to time constraints, I’ve decided not to maintain the interactive elements of the site. Instead, please simply find below the PDF versions of the main resources.

Thought experiment, inclusive climate communication (2016)

For most people, climate disruption is a scientific reality, but not yet a social one. New conversations about climate disruption are therefore needed. Inspired by the latest climate communications research, this resource suggests new conversation starters and provides examples of old ones that need to be replaced.

Here’s the PDF for the inclusive climate communication thought experiment (and here’s a version in Swedish).

Framing quiz (2017)

Framing matters!
Context matters – including target audience!
So which way of talking do you think works best? 9 questions

Here’s the PDF for the inclusive climate communication framing quiz (and here’s a version in Swedish).

Checklist, inclusive climate communication (2016)

Old but still useful, here’s the PDF to the inclusive climate communication checklist.

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